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What is musickly?

Musickly came about with the aim of improving audiovisual production and serving as a launchpad for authors.

Do you think we've gone over the top?

Years of work with audiovisual projects led us to this wonderful working formula between authors, producers and directors.

Music is a unique method to transmit emotions, to connect with the audience and to confer identity to projects.

We firmly believe that a successful project is the key to an author's development.

We make music work.

What is musickly?

Who do we target?

Our work targets experts in the audiovisual industry, and also authors and artists. We have deep technical knowledge of the audiovisual industry and also in-depth knowledge on managing rights and monitoring work.

We target audiovisual producers.

We create music that improves your projects because we specialise in the audiovisual industry.

  • Reinforce the message you want to put across in your work through custom music, frame by frame. We are the alternative to the characterless music library, where everything sounds the same.
  • Focus on your history and tell us about it. Don’t waste time searching for and trying to “fit in” to prefabricated music that, moreover could also be used in any other piece of work.
  • Are you concerned about the price of custom music? By focussing on managing royalties and copyrights, our solutions are even more competitive than the music library.

We work for authors.

We look after artists and authors so that their work gets the recognition it deserves. We manage their rights and help them to capitalise on their work.

  • We are producers and publishers established by and for authors, who strive to make quality work.
  • We help them develop their careers in the audiovisual world, and their classical or usual itinerary.
  • We recover their long-forgotten work that they have created throughout their careers and give them a new lease of life.
  • We promote them to improve their digital presence and their work on new channels.
Who do we target?

4 reasons
to choose us:

We give value to music.

We give value to music.

We help authors capitalise on their work.

We help authors capitalise on their work.

We make life easier for producers and directors.

We make life easier for producers and directors.

We make your audiovisual projects shine.

We make your audiovisual projects shine.


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If you need music to accompany your audiovisual production, or if you are an artist and/or author and you want to consolidate your career, we are looking forward to hearing about your concerns or your project to give it a boost together.

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In accordance with the provisions of applicable data protection regulations, MUSICKLY’S Users and/or Clients are hereby informed as to the following:

Data Controller

The Data Controller concerning the data voluntarily provided by Users is:
VAT No.: B67997270
Registered address: Paseo del Muro 5, 50.600 Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza), hereinafter MUSICKLY

Purposes of personal data processing

Voluntarily supplied personal data will be included in processing records belonging to MUSICKLY for the following purposes:

Processing and management of information and/or advice queries, pre-orders or orders placed by Users and/or Clients through this website, by telephone or by e-mail.

Management and control of the services offered through the Website, by telephone or by e-mail related to advice and the providing of services.

Sending commercial information about MUSICKLY’S services and products which may be of interest to Users, providing that they have specifically accepted such.

Managing Website Users.

Providing the services offered on the Website and/or requested information, whether such has been requested via the website, by e-mail or by telephone. E-mail may report confirmation of receipt and reading.

Managing contractual or commercial relations between MUSICKLY and Users and/or Clients.

Managing fulfilment of contractual or extra-contractual obligations entered into by MUSICKLY.

Managing and maintaining a single record of Clients in MUSICKLY’S promotional system if such has been accepted.

In any cases when Users specifically agree to such, to send publicity and commercial information about MUSICKLY, its activities, products, services, offers, contests, special promotions, and documents of different natures that could be either of interest or useful to Users and/or Clients.

Likewise, in each process where Users provide their personal details, they will be informed of the mandatory, official nature of such, and the consequences of failing to provide them.

Information on data processing for communication

The data used or provided in information communication and/or promotions will be processed by MUSICKLY for purposes of sending out information e-mail about services, activities, publications, social and professional celebrations and events by MUSICKLY that may be of interest to Users and/or Clients; monitoring and optimising marketing campaigns performed via technology for these purposes.
Consent for the sending of such communication may be revoked at any time in each of the communications received via the relevant mechanism.
The criteria employed for storing the data shall be based on statements objecting to processing by Users and/or Clients. In any event, data subject rights to access, rectification or deletion, limited processing, objection to processing and data portability may be exercised via e-mail at

Third party personal data

In the case of personal data supplied by persons other than users or holders of the data who are acting as representatives of the latter, the representative guarantees that the data subject has been duly informed about this Privacy Policy and authorisation to provide the data to MUSICKLY for the relevant purposes has been obtained. Likewise, it is guaranteed that the provided data are exact and up-to-date, and the person who supplies such data shall be liable for any direct or indirect damages that any breaches hereof could cause.

Personal data storage period

The supplied personal data shall be stored for the period of contractual relations, if deletion of such is not requested by the data subject, unless they must be deleted owing to fulfilment of legal obligations regarding the exercising and defence of claims, or when storage is required to enable application of benefits, discounts or promotional advantages for clients.
If users revoke their consent for the processing of their data, or if they exercise the right to cancellation or deletion, their personal data will be blocked and only made available to the Justice Administration for the periods legally provided for in order to deal with any possible liabilities arising from data processing.

Legitimation for personal data processing

MUSICKLY is legitimate to process personal data based on the following grounds:

Users and/or Clients specifically agree to the processing purposes described in section 2 of this Policy, which require the processing of their personal data as Users and/or Clients.

Users and/or Clients have provided their personal data within the framework of contractual or pre-contractual relations to deal with their applications for management of services related to their products.

Users and/or Clients have given their informed consent for the sending of commercial communications related to MUSICKLY’S products and/or services that could be of interest to them, for the installation of monitoring systems to inform about browsing habits in accordance with the Cookies Policy, or for information requested through contact forms.

There are legal obligations that require the processing of personal data in accordance with the provided services.
The legal grounds for processing Users’ and/or Clients’ personal data by MUSICKLY stems from section a), b) and c) of number 1 of article 6 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27th April and the Organic Data Protection Law and Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPD GDD) of 2018.

Recipient categories

MUSICKLY’S Users and/or Clients’ personal data may be reported to the following recipients:

Entities with whom collaboration agreements are held to enable the performance and fulfilment of contracts signed by the Users and/or Clients.

Solicitors with whom MUSICKLY holds collaboration agreements to enable performance and correct fulfilment of contracts.

Insurance companies with whom MUSICKLY holds collaboration agreements to enable the performance and correct fulfilment of the conditions of the insurance contracts.

Finance entities with whom MUSICKLY has collaboration agreements to enable the performance and correct fulfilment of the relevant contracts.

IT service providers.

The Public Administration and Organisations to comply with MUSICKLY’S directly enforceable obligations and/or whenever there is a legal obligation.

International data transfers

MUSICKLY currently does not make any international data transfers.

Data subject rights

Users and/or Clients may exercise their data subject rights to access, rectification or deletion, limited processing, objection to processing, data portability and may also object to automated individual decisions by MUSICKLY. Likewise, they may revoke their consent if they have given it for a specific purpose, and may change their preferences at any time.
Users and/or Clients may exercise any of the aforementioned rights in the above paragraph by sending an e-mail to MUSICKLY stating the right they would like to exercise to:
Users and/or Clients are hereby informed that they can file claims regarding personal data protection with the Spanish Data Protection Agency at, the Spanish State Supervisory Authority.

Policy updates

This policy has been updated in accordance with the requirements of community regulations on Personal Data Protection, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Organic Law on Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPD GDD).
Likewise, you are hereby informed that this policy may be modified owing to changes to the requirements established by current legislation at any given time, by judicial decisions and jurisprudential changes, and also owing to changes to MUSICKLY’S actions and strategies. Publication and access by users will be via the Website, assuming that any relations established prior to the changes shall be governed by the regulations in force at the time the Website was accessed for establishment.